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Eurostar Generation

12/08/2009 AT 08:41

97% of respondents believe that Eurostar has brought us closer to France and Belgium and 87% are of the view that our lives have been significantly enriched by the social and cultural exchange that Eurostar provides.

Over half the people surveyed said that the speed and easy access of Eurostar for day trips, short breaks and holidays had had a huge influence on their lives and demonstrated the success of high speed rail. 89% of respondents said that if they were offered a job involving regular travel to the continent, they would be more inclined to consider taking it today on account of the ease of the Eurostar service.

Reflecting on our relationship with our French neighbours, one in five (21.4%) said that the UK and France "are getting closer all the time" whilst around one in three (32.9%) said that after fifteen years of Eurostar, the British view of the French is less stereotypical. One in five believes that "there is a mutual interest in our respective cultures" and over half describe our relationship as that of neighbours who are close “but maintain their own identity”.

Eurostar began operating rail services between London and Paris, Brussels and Lille on 14 November 1994. Since then, journey times have been slashed by a third with the journey between London and Paris now taking 2 hours 15 minutes and London to Brussels 1 hour 51 minutes.

Richard Brown, Eurostar's Chief Executive, said: “There's no doubt that Eurostar has transformed our relationship with the continent and enriched lives on both sides of the channel. When we launched in 1994 we could never have foreseen that fifteen years on London would be France's sixth largest city and that people would be commuting between the UK and the continent. At a time when environmental concerns are top of mind, we have also played a key role in reducing our passengers' carbon emissions and will continue to do so over the coming years.”

Sally Chatterjee, Visit London's Interim Chief Executive, said: “London welcomes people from all over the world and Eurostar has brought us much closer to our European cousins. London is a vibrant, cosmopolitan world-class city and the speed and convenience of Eurostar's city centre service means increasing numbers of visitors are flocking to London to enjoy our attractions, markets and events throughout the year.”

Eurostar to cut carbon dioxide emissions

Short-haul travellers who choose high-speed rail over the plane are already making huge and immediate reductions in their carbon dioxide emissions – simply by switching how they get from A to B.

Eurostar's 100 millionth traveller

Eurostar, the high-speed provider of carbon neutral journeys between the UK and the continent, today its 100 millionth traveller, David Kemp (aged 35) from Highgate in London. He was accompanied by his French wife Stéphanie and daughter, Mia (aged 2).

No booking fee for Eurostar

Eurostar, provider of high-speed, carbon neutral rail journeys between the UK and the Continent, will from 11 August scrap its £5 booking fee for all ticket reservations made through its UK-based call centre.

More than 200 British cities to mainland Europe

Eurostar, the provider of high-speed, carbon neutral rail journeys between the UK and the Continent, announced that it now offers fares from more than 200 towns and cities across Britain for high-speed rail travel to the continent.

Eurostar hails Print Anywhere ticketing a success

Eurostar, the provider of high-speed, carbon neutral rail journeys between the UK and the Continent, has seen a huge change in the way that people ticket their journeys with around 70% of its travellers taking advantage of the ‘Print Anywhere' service via the website, Eurostar.com.

Eurostar delivers strong leisure sales

Despite the recession, Eurostar reported a 4% rise in leisure sales against the same period in 2008, following a surge in inbound travel to the UK and a drive to encourage UK travellers to take full advantage of the increased availability of the lead-in £59 return fare.

Big increases in travellers from Germany

Eurostar is seeing large increases in travellers from Germany and The Netherlands. The increases are part of the continuing Europe-wide trend from plane to train for short-haul journeys, reflecting the continuing expansion of the European high-speed rail network.

Eurostar introduces single fares from just £35

Eurostar has introduced single fares to all its destinations. The new fares start from the wholly inclusive price of £35 for London to Paris/Brussels, and can be purchased without any airline-style extra charges.

Train punctuality reaches all time record high

Over 1.2bn passengers last year (April 2008 to March 2009) enjoyed the best train punctuality ever recorded on Britain's railways as 90.6% of train services arrived on time². The highest since records began almost 20 years ago (1992).

Eurostar's new "Leisure Select"

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger service that links the UK with the continent, today unveiled a new look and feel for the onboard branding of “Leisure Select” - its first class accommodation for leisure travellers.

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