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King Cross : a new start for passangers

04/06/2009 AT 06:51

The ambitious five year rail industry blueprint of investment includes plans for over 500 schemes and projects aimed at providing extra capacity or capability for passengers and freight customers with more seats, more trains, longer trains and faster trains.

The blueprint, called the CP4 Delivery Plan (CP4 is control period 4, 01 April 2009 to 31 March 2014) and its supporting documents runs to over 800 pages. It details the improvements to be made on the national rail system over the next five years, how train performance will increase to even higher record levels and how safety will also reach new highs.

Iain Coucher, chief executive said:" Britain is poised on the brink of a rail revolution. Tomorrow we embark upon one of the most exciting chapters in the history of our railways. Network Rail is ready to unleash the biggest expansion of Britain's railways since the age of Brunel.

"The next five years will see massive investment in improving the railways for passengers and freight users by adding capacity and relieving overcrowding. We will see a transformed railway through ambitious plans that will deliver more trains, more seats, longer trains and faster trains.

"Services will be even more reliable, delays caused by the infrastructure will be cut by nearly 25% and we will embark upon an investment programme that is bigger and more ambitious than anything seen in generations.

"Delivering all this will require major change across the industry and we should not underestimate the scale and difficulties of the challenge that lies ahead."

Of the £35bn to be spent on Britain's railways over the next five years almost £12bn will be invested on projects designed to relieve overcrowding by lengthening platforms and increasing capacity and capability to enable more trains to run. £11.5bn will be invested in replacing older parts of the network (rail, signalling, bridges). A further £9.2bn will be spent on day-to-day maintenance and the costs of operating and running the network safely over the period, with a further £2.2bn on non-controllable operating expenditure.

Mr Coucher continued: "Stations will be transformed and new ones built. Speeds will be increased. Bottlenecks will be unblocked. Thousands of new trains will debut, services will run more frequently at weekends and at bank holidays. And all this while time keeping is ramped up, costs driven down and safety boosted."

"The last five years has been about putting right the ills of the railway - this has been achieved with train punctuality, passenger satisfaction and railway safety all at record levels and billions cut from the cost of running the railway. The next five years will be focused on doing the basics even better and delivering a bigger, better railway for passengers and freight."

More car parking spaces at Runcorn station

The new multi-story car park at Runcorn station will open on Thursday 9 April. The expanded car park will provide an additional 198 parking spaces, making a total of 558 spaces available at the Cheshire station.

Network Rail will invest over £55 millions

Network Rail will invest over £55m in Britain's railways over the Easter weekend. Rail engineers will work around the clock to replace old signalling, renew tracks, upgrade bridges and improve stations. Over the long weekend, this will see more than 4,500 people working a total of 200,000 hours.

News timetable on Thameslink

A new timetable for one of London's busiest commuter routes comes into force this week, marking the start of the major construction phase of the congestion-busting Thameslink Programme.

Contracts in Great Britain and Australia for GSM-R

The Siemens Mobility Division has been awarded a contract by the British railway company Network Rail to supply 6,100 GSM-R radio devices worth 26.5 million euros.

More value for money sought in track renewals

Network Rail today outlined its plans for achieving better value for money from its track renewals programme.

6 architects selected for the King's Cross station

Six leading teams of architects have been short-listed to develop their ideas for a brand new public square for London at King's Cross station.

East Midlands : opening of the greenest station

Network Rail and East Midlands Trains are pleased to announce the opening of the East Midlands' newest and greenest rail station on 26 January – East Midlands Parkway.

Network Rail welcomes Rail expansion news

Network Rail today welcomed the Government's announcement of potential further rail expansion and the key role that the company will play in developing proposals.

West Coast Projet now completed

As one of Europe's biggest civil engineering projects drew to a close yesterday new opportunities for millions of rail passengers opened up.

Britain leads Europe with most frequent IC

The new Virgin Trains' timetable from 14 December represents “the most frequent long-distance inter-city service in Europe”, according to Brendan Fox, Editor of Thomas Cook's European Timetable.

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