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Fly over some of Europe's finest destinations

06/10/2008 AT 09:05

“Explore Europe” combines the advanced mapping technology of Google Earth ™, the world's most popular online mapping tool, with a series of specially customised ‘fly-through' views of Eurostar's key destinations.

It allows travellers to select a high-level, bird's eye view of anywhere in Europe, and then to swoop down and fly in 3D through the centres of London, Brussels, Paris, Disneyland Paris, Lille, Avignon and Bourg St Maurice. Travellers can hover over famous landmarks, follow high-speed rail routes, head for the mountains, or even search for their own homes.

The departure lounge at St Pancras International is equipped with two large displays with plasma and LCD screens and bespoke touch-screen technology. Designed for Eurostar by Land Design Studio and software developer Studio Simple, the kiosks provide interactive exploration that is free of charge.

Simon Montague, Director of Communications, Eurostar, said: “This system enables our travellers to discover new places before they depart, that they can then reach and explore by using high-speed rail.

"We want our travellers to use the departure lounge within St Pancras International as a space that also stimulates, educates and engages them. “Explore Europe” complements beautifully the interactive digital art gallery “Station Masters” that we have also just launched – another world-first for people curious to explore the cities and cultures around them.”

Sarah McDonald, Travel Industry Manager, Google, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Eurostar in such a stunning station environment. Today's huge number of internet visitors to Google Earth and Maps shows that people want to explore their travel destinations before they get there, and what better way to do so than with “Explore Europe. Using satellite imagery from a wide range of sources including NASA, “Explore Europe” blends bird's eye views seamlessly with the specially designed ‘fly-through' facility.”

Eurostar is seeing a substantial growth in demand since moving to St Pancras International last November. It has reported a 21.3% growth in traveller numbers for the first quarter of 2008, with even greater rises in areas outside South East England thanks to the introduction of through fares from regional towns and cities, and better connections between St Pancras International and domestic rail services.

Interactive art gallery at St Pancras

Eurostar and the National Gallery unveiled the world's first interactive digital art gallery for international travellers, to be enjoyed by millions of people who pass through the high-speed rail gateway between the UK and mainland Europe.

Eurostar traveller numbers rise by over 21%

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger train operator between Britain and mainland Europe, today (14 April) reported a 21.3% rise in traveller numbers to 2.17 million between January and March 2008, compared with the same period last year.

Ebbsfleet official opening

Dame Kelly Holmes, winner of two Olympic gold medals,officially opened Ebbsfleet International – heralding the new Eurostar station just off the M25 as the gateway from southern and eastern England to mainland Europe.

Join the Eurostar love trains!

More and more couples are choosing Eurostar for their romantic getaways and this year, approximately 140,000 travellers will take the train for a romantic Valentines weekend away. And you could be one of them!

From 68 UK towns and cities to continental Europe

Eurostar, the high-speed international train operator, announced that travellers from 68 towns and cities across Britain can now buy through-fares to Paris, Disneyland Resort Paris, Brussels (as well as any station in Belgium), and 75 connecting destinations in France at www.eurostar.com.

Eurostar opens for business at St Pancras

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger train operator linking the UK and the Continent, has now launched services from the wonderfully restored St Pancras International station, its new home in central London.

Ticket sales rise to £148.5 million

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger train service that links the UK with the Continent, saw record traveller numbers in the third quarter of 2007 (July-September) as ticket revenues also continued to rise.

More than one million passengers book to travel

Eurostar, the high-speed train operator linking the UK and the Continent, announced that it has taken more than 1 million bookings for travel on High Speed 1, the UK's first 186mph line.

Royal opening of St Pancras International

The official opening of the beautifully restored St Pancras International by HM Queen Elizabeth II this evening (Tuesday 6th November) will herald one week to go until the launch of Eurostar services from the station.

Alstom participates in the European rail network

The new section of Paris-London line, High Speed 1, has been inaugurated on 6 November in London.

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